Painting Your Boat, Vol. 2: Guide to Refinishing Hull Topsides


Is your topsides in need of some tender loving care? Is the gelcoat deeply scratched, gouged, or looking thin in some areas? It may be time to sand and paint your boat. With a little bit of hard work, and this Guide to Refinishing Hull Topsides from Practical Sailor, you can get your boat looking as good as new.

Over the years, Practical Sailor has been testing and reviewing paints and finishes in all kinds of conditions. And now, you can find the tests, evaluations, and recommendations of the hull restoration process in Practical Sailor’s ebook, Guide to Refinishing Hull Topsides. It’s the second ebook in a series covering all you need to know about painting your boat.

From fixing imperfections to protecting the paint, Guide to Refinishing Hull Topsides gives you a clear picture of what your hull needs to look its best.

You’ll discover:

  • How to choose a good polisher.
  • Which technique is best for buffing.
  • Environmentally friendly products that can be safely used on boats in the water.
  • Recommended safety precautions when working with various chemicals.
  • Rubbing compounds priced from $5 to $45.
  • Advice for determining the correct grit of sandpaper.
  • Which paints provide good coverage – and which do not!

Practical Sailor’s Guide to Refinishing Hull Topsides provides a professional’s perspective into renewing the topsides. Complete your topsides project with confidence as experts share which products will work best within your budget. Learn new techniques, or simply brush up on your old finishing skills. No matter your experience level, you don’t have to be stuck with a dull hull.

To check off the first step to restoring your boat’s hull, purchase this ebook today.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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