US Sailing Investigator’s Recommendations


Ron Trossbach, the lead investigator for US Sailing in the Rambler 100 incident, recommended the following changes to US Sailing’s Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) and US Sailing Prescriptions. He also recommended that these be forwarded to the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to be included the ISAF Special Regulations Governing Offshore Racing for Monohulls. The items in parentheses reflect the OSR section that would be amended.

  • Modify ISAF OSR Appendix K (Movable and Variable Ballast) to include emergency escape and access to a life raft and grab bag from an inverted position. (ISAF OSR , App K)
  • Add a requirement to be able to launch a horseshoe, man-overboard-module, or Lifesling from an inverted position.
  • Add a requirement to paint underwater appendages with an area of highly visible color for movable ballasted boats. (OSR 4.02.3)
  • Require Digital Selective Calling (DSC) connection and emphasize its use in a MAYDAY Situation. (OSR 3.29)
  • Add a recommendation that the required waterproof handheld VHF radio have DSC installed. (OSR 3.29.1 e)
  • Mount one EPIRB topside. (OSR 4.19)
  • Add a requirement that AIS remain on during all races. (OSR 3.29.1 n)
  • Mount AIS antennas on masthead. (OSR 3.29.1 n)
  • Add a requirement to list PLB info on crew lists for offshore races. (OSR 4.19 e)
  • Add a recommendation that PLB owners add their boat’s name on PLB registration forms. (OSR 5.01 k)
  • Require full ISAF hands-on training for all US Cat 1 and 2 Race Boats. (OSR 6.01)
  • Emphasize the need for USCG to accept ISO life jacket standards. (OSR 5.01)
  • Add requirement to wear PFD and harness when reefed to US Sailing Prescription. (OSR 5.02.5)
  • Recommend that all auto-inflatable PFDs have a manual-only option. (OSR 5.01)
  • Review tether snaphook design requirements. ( OSR 5.02.5 d)
  • Add warning notes about whistle and strobe light adequacy. (OSR 5.01)
  • Modify the existing recommendation (ISAF OSR 5.02.5 e) to pre-fit and keep your own PFD, tether, and harness for the duration of the race.
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