Sailboat Steering System Check-up


Weve addressed the importance of emergency rudders (see The Hunt is on for a Quality, Well-placed Emergency Rudder, PS November 2008). And weve looked at ways to steer the boat using a drogue should the steering fail (see Sailing Without a Rudder, PS June 2017).

The sensible approach, of course, is to prevent steering failure in the first place. Like rigging, sails, and hull integrity, steering is one of those essential items that needs close monitoring. Here are a few things to consider when inspecting your steering system each season, or before any long passage. Pay especially close attention to clevis pins, cotter pins, and small components that can succumb to corrosion.

  • Tiller – Stainless steel pintles and gudgeons should be checked carefully for cracks or corrosion, especially at welds.
  • Rack-and-pinion steering – Check the mounting bracket and fasteners for the pinion gear where the steering loads are carried.
  • Worm drive steering – Corrosion is the biggest enemy here. Alignment is critical for smooth operation. Any binding is cause for concern.
  • Pull-pull cable steering – The most common form of steering system is also one of the more problematic-but nearly all of the problems are due to neglect.Check cable tension regularly, before, during, and after a long passage. End fittings require close inspection. Check sheaves for corrosion, wear, and proper diameter (20 times the wire diameter).
  • Push-pull cable steering – Check for any binding or sticking, especially at the exit point from the conduit. At the sign of any trouble-cracked conduit or corroded wire, replace the entire cable. Remove the cable for inspection at least once a year.
  • Hydraulic steering – Regularly check for leaks, and proper fluid level. Look for chafe on hoses.

This is a very brief view of steering systems, and not every type is covered. For a more comprehensive look at maintenance check your owners manual. The topic of steering is also covered well in Nigel Calders essential Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual, available in our online

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