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  • Study in Seamanship
  • Sun Safety
  • Cheap Sunglasses
  • Tiller Pilot Champs
  • Hybrid Tiller Pilot
  • Colorblind Navigation
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  1. As one who is Red/Green colour blind, I find the ”pure” colours from LED chart plotters helps considerably over paper charts – the UK charts are easier to read than the American charts with their blandish shades. At night the greatest issue I have is discriminating between white and green lights on buoys and ships at a distance. In this situation I find using binoculars useful. Chart plotters, GPS and AIS have been a God send.

    David Trossell Lymington UK

  2. Thank you for the informative article on UV protection. While ZZ Top sunglasses may be easily acquired and unregrettably lost, the lack of clarity of vision is something I would strongly caution against. Cheap sunglasses are just that, cheap. If one has experienced French made, real glass Vaurnet sunglasses they will immediately know there is little room for the bargain spectacles aboard. A quick read of the Vaurnet website will inform the reader of the strong resistance to damage of the lenses. Salt spray has no lasting effect, just rinse and wipe with a cloth. The protection factor is unmatched with 100% 99% and 94% of UV, blue light, and infra-red light, respectively, blocked through the lenses. Perhaps the greatest attribute is the ability to peer into the water due to the aforementioned qualities and the superior polarization. Similar to a cherished set of binoculars, quality sunglasses have no replacement. If one is worried of losing them, simply fit an eyeglass strap, affectionately known as Croakies. Keep up the good work. Russell Robins M/V August Boston MA