Mailport: September 2015

In regard to your July 2015 article, Keeping Water Clean and Fresh: We have well water at our dock, and the water tanks in our boat are integral to the hull. How does this impact the process for cleaning and sanitizing?

Mailport: Whats Up with Synthetic Lifelines?

Its been almost five years since your original article on synthetic lifelines (Long-term test Evaluates Synthetic Lifelines, Practical Sailor, September 2012). Since my coated lifelines are due for replacement, Im curious about long-term observations. That said, I plan on going up a size or two from the recommended numbers for an extra safety margin: 6 millimeters rather than 5 millimeters. Im still looking into manufacturers and products because I just learned how easy splicing 12-strand can be, but Im pretty sure almost any of them will be better than the plastic-covered stainless-steel wire, of unknown vintage, thats on the boat now.

Using a Jordan Series Drogue for Steering

Thanks for this discussion of using drogues for controlling a boat with a rudder lost or jammed over (see Sailing Without a Rudder, Practical Sailor, April 2017). I carry a Jordan Series Drogue (JSD), and I think that by bridling it somewhere in the middle, such that some of the cones open to resist water flow, and some are collapsed one could adjust the amount of drag that was appropriate for the conditions. Have you considered testing this?

Mailport: Smart Plug, More MOB Lights, and More!

The SmartPlug shore-power cord and inlet have been improved since we last tested the system. Upgrades include an enhanced wire-restraint system that uses setscrews and a new mechanical-arm clamp on the connector.

Mailport: Bird Repellants, Bilge Switches, Mini-Scuba

Alphabetical Boat Reviews? What happened to your alphabetized boat reviews? I’m looking for a boat and can’t find...

Astute Views on the Art of Sailing from around the Globe

As a (long term and digital) subscriber I find your articles extremely valuable, but most of all the bottom paint evaluations. I live in Punta Gorda, 50 miles to your south and have to do a bottom job in the next two months. Any recent observations/suggestions on a good ablative that for the coast of Southwest Florida?

Mailport: July 2012

Letters to Practical Sailor, July 2012. This month's letters cover subjects such as: Dinghy Launcher, iPad Glare, Racor, and more!

Mailport: Propellers, Cockpit vise, Seacocks, Rewiring

Regarding your report on props, (Folding and Feathering Props,February 2018), I installed a Gori propeller on my Beneteau 393 before setting sail from the Great Lakes to the Caribbean for a year.

Oil and Fuel Filters

One Practical Sailor contributor, the manager of a custom boatbuilding and repair/refit yard, had this reply: "Not all filters are created equally: There are differences from filter to filter. We see no problem using after-market filters whose reputations are proven: brand names such as Fram (makes filters for Honda, Chrysler, and others), NAPA, Wix (Wix actually manufactures NAPAs Silver and Gold series filters), Fleetguard (owned by Cummins Filtration), and Baldwin to name a few.

Mailport: Water Lift Muffler, Drogues, Hunter 30, and More!

After corrosion destroyed the water-lift muffler aboard his 1972 Irwin 37 (above) and he could not find a replacement, subscriber Gene Millard fabricated his own.

Antifouling Paint Prices Follow Copper Surge

The antifouling coating industry is dominated by copper-based paint, so as copper prices reach their highest levels in recent history, I was curious to...