Mailport & PS Advisor

Mailport: December 2014

I bought the Perfect Home dehumidifier based on your October 2014 report. You mentioned that you bypassed the converter to use 4 amps at 12 volts; how did you do that? Is there a cord or something that I can buy?

PS Advisor 04/01/01

Non-Skid DecksThere seems to be lots of information available about painting topsides and bottoms, but I am unable to find anything about painting non-skid...

PS Advisor: 03/03

Rope Lifeline TerminalsYou have been a big help with maintaining my Catalina 27. I have been following the articles about lifelines and the reply...

Where Credit Is Due: March 2014

We trailered our boat from Montana to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and sailed across to West End, Bahamas. We cruised in the Abaco islands for 1 months, and on the night before the crossing back to Florida, we had a horrible night in an anchorage, and we ended up with a bent Danforth primary anchor.

Mailport 01/15/99

Hydraulic PropulsionA copy of your (Charles Kanters) letter to PS (August 1, 1998) condemning hydraulic drives as a viable propulsion system came to my...

Mailport: August 2012

Letters to Practical Sailor, August 2012. This month's letters cover subjects such as: Anchor Rhodes, Ultrasonic Antifouling, Inflatable PFDs, and more

PS Advisor 10/01/00

Rudder LeaksI read your rudder-rebuild article (February 1, 2000) with interest since I own a 1972 Ranger 33 with an original rudder. I have...

Boat Maintenance Must-Reads

For many boatowners, its time to start thinking about the off-season layup. If youre planning some pre-haulout maintenance projects so you can avoid the hassle next season, check out these helpful gems from our online archives.

Where Credit Is Due: January 2015

I dropped off my fabulous 33-kilogram Spade anchor at San Diego Galvanizing ( to get rid of some rust stains. The shops owner, Lewis Wise, called me and said he couldnt do the job. Why? Safety. As a metallurgist, Wise said that due to a small patch of corrosion at the junction of the stock and the flukes, he believed the anchor should be retired. What an incredible example of true integrity!

Mailport: Frontal Strategy, Pressure Cooker Report, and More!

In response to the June 15, 2016 blog post titled Summer Squall Sailing Tactics: From our experience, most localized fronts are marked by a gray sky transitioning to a definite line of approaching black clouds, which will bring 20- to 35-knot winds. Once in a while, we see more severe frontal transitions from clear blue sky to a roiling black line of clouds, blasting in far higher wind speeds. I cannot imagine any reason to leave any part of a mainsail up to face an initial slam of localized weather.

Doing ‘The Ditch’ Capt. Frank’s Way

Be aware that a less-experienced sailors report of a great anchorage with plenty of depth, or statements like We ran aground here! don't do you much good if they fail to include basic info such as their boat's draft, state of the tide, etc. Other sailors' facility reviews should also be taken with a grain of salt. For example: The dockmaster hates Algerian Snaggle-tooth Poodles (like our Fluffy), so were never coming back, and you shouldnt either!