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Mailport 05/15/00

Foss Foam RuddersIn reference to your article on rudder repair I would like to add the following. Since the 1960s the Foss Company in...

PS Advisor: 06/03

Rating RulesIn my readings, I keep coming across references to boats built under either IOR or CCA rules. Unfortunately, nobody bothers to mention what...

PS Advisor: Rotten to the Core

Do you have any suggestions on a book or manual that explains how to replace a cored deck where most of it is soaking wet? I replaced a 1.5-square-foot area and was surprised to see that it was so wet and rotten that I could grab the wood core and squeeze it like a sponge.

PS Advisor: 05/15/03

Anchor Locker VentI want a deck vent to ventilate my anchor locker. Currently there is a cowl vent there which I'm sure does more...

Custom-Made Hard Top Biminis

I was wondering if there is any information regarding the protocol for replacing canvas with a rigid Bimini/dodger on a small 36-foot catamaran. I could not find a review of solid Bimini replacements. We have strong stainless steel frames. They are fixed with metal struts with no flexible straps. I do want to be able to see the sails from the helm and bulkhead mount. I want to be able to take advantage of roll up clear plastic front and side curtains. Most summers my current set stays in the rolled up position. They have since shrunk enough that they can no longer be fully snapped.

Mailport: 04/06

Mud MastersHerewith some comments on your useful experiments concerning anchor holding power in soft mud as described in Anchors for Muck, for Under 200...

Mailport: September 2015

In regard to your July 2015 article, Keeping Water Clean and Fresh: We have well water at our dock, and the water tanks in our boat are integral to the hull. How does this impact the process for cleaning and sanitizing?

PS Advisor: 10/15/02

Pros and Cons of SchoonersI have read your magazine now for quite some time. I find it very useful, and until now have...

PS Advisor: 04/15/03

Peltier GutsYour recent Refrigeration Survey has rekindledan old desire: I've often wondered if a thermoelectric plate, the type used in those small,portable, 12-volt...

Shaping the Cruising Spinnaker

In designing an asymmetrical cruising spinnaker, most sailmakers begin with the boats fore-triangle rig dimensions (I and J), and combine those with information about the intended use of the sail (tight reaching, reaching, or running) and information regarding where the sail will be used.