Jeppesen and The Cap’n Top Picks For Electronic Charting

It wasnt very many years ago that the only tools a boater needed for navigation were a compass, some paper charts, a pair of...

Nexus Best Buy in Integrated Instruments

Today's systems are generally excellent, but sorting through them is very confusing.

Buyer’s Guide: Simrad CP32 and RayChart 520 Top Gray Scale GPS/Chartplotters

The Simrad CP32 and Raytheon RayChart 520 have the best combination of features and displays of 10 gray scale units tested.

Top 10 Products for 1999

Our annual selection of outstanding equipment, headlined this year by the Spade anchor, Nexus instruments and the Isotemp water heater.

In-Your-Pocket Email

PocketMail is a current favorite of coastal cruisers. It’s inexpensive and reliable. Of two PDAs tested, we prefer the Sharp TM-20 over the BackFlip.

Close As A Pencil Point

On May 1, President Clinton announced that the selective availability (SA) system used to degrade GPS (global positioning system) signals was terminated, effective at...

Offshore Log: Essential Forecasting Tools

Our years of sailing in New England and the Caribbean, with their stable, predictable weather patterns, left us ill-prepared to deal with the vagaries...

Simple Tips for Maintaining Stainless Steel

When applying a paste cleaner, a toothbrush is useful for buffing tight spots and working into the pores of welds; follow by buffing with a cotton cloth. A green 3M scrubby pad helps for removing more aggressive stains. Continued rusting in welded areas might indicate a developing failure, requiring replacement. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and mild soap when done buffing.