Sailboats 36-40ft

Alerion Express 38

A gentleman’s cruiser that’s easy to single-hand, great to look at, well-built, but a bit small for long-term voyaging.

Sabre 362

The smallest Sabre is a performance cruiser with an all-wood interior. It’s done well in some ocean races, though it’s too heavy to be flat-out fast.

Caliber 40 LRC

This well-built cruising boat, Caliber 40 LRC with an attractive wood interior has loads of room but sails marginally to windward and has a few problems with its tanks.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37

This French cruiser has a nice all-wood interior, but a small sail plan for coastal US waters.

Pearson 37

This 1981 Bill Shaw design is a late-IOR racer/cruiser.

Hinckley Bermuda 40

The Bermuda 40 is a centerboarder, and this is a major reason for its continuing appeal. If shoal draft is a requirement, as it often is in some areas of the U.S., one is forced to consider a centerboard design or, when available, a wing keel.

Morgan 38/382

In 1977, the Morgan 382 was introduced, designed by Ted Brewer, Jack Corey and the Morgan Design Team. According to Brewer, the boat was loosely based on the Nelson/Marek-designed Morgan 36 IOR One Ton. The most obvious difference between the 38 and 382 was the elimination of the centerboard and the addition of a cruising fin keel (NACA 64 012 foil) with skeg-mounted rudder. They are two completely different designs from two different eras in yacht design.

Irwin Citation 38

As the largest of the Citations, the Irwin Citation 38 is probably the best looking, handling the high-sidedness better than her smaller sisters. The boat has three windows set in the sheer stripe on each side, so they are not very noticeable. Like the other Citations it is distinctly modern-looking not pretty, but not ugly either.

Irwin 37

From the outset the Irwin 37 was a roomy, appealing cruising boat that was once described as the Chevrolet Belair of the boat market. Her greatest appeal was to the sailor/owner who is not into tradition, sailing performance, elegance, construction details, or investment.

Island Packet 31

In the 13 years since naval architect Bob Johnson founded Island Packet Yachts, he's developed quite a following. We've had many requests to review one of his boats, mostly from satisfied owners. The others have come from couples considering the boat for living aboard and cruising. In a period when most boatbuilders are foundering, Island Packet has found a niche and is servicing it admirably.