Mailport 05/01/00

Battery BurnupIn your January 1, 2000 issue, Mr. Dale Botwin reported his experience with an inexpensive Group 24 starting battery getting very hot and...

Comings and Goings

Weve been aware for some years that the Loran navigation system is presumably on the way out, this despite the fact that the global...

PS Advisor 07/15/99

Holding Tanks and HosesMy brother-in-law and I are planning to install a holding tank in our 1970 Morgan 28. Ive tried to research the...

Handbearing Compasses: Plastimo Iris

One of the most time-consuming chores at Practical Sailor is finding, selecting and assembling the products to be tested. Even before we figure out...

Spare Parts

Barient WinchesWe recently heard from a reader that he was able to purchase replacement roller bearings for Barient 28+ winches, for $55, from the...

The Expensive Rolls Still a Best Buy in Deep Cycle Batteries

Rolls rates a Best Buy; West Marine's Sea Gel is the only one to exceed reserve capacity rating.

Cabin Fan Test: Hella, Caframo Blow Best Breeze for the Buck

Oscillating models fail early in long-term testing.

Deck Vents: Nicros Water Trap and Plastimos Cool n Dry are Clever and Effective

Among mushroom-types, the Nicro PowerVent with interchangeable fans for intake and exhaust gives 24-hour operation.

Overheating in Docklines and Rodes

With hurricane season hitting full stride, many of us are going over our rope inventory, making sure we have more than enough lines to secure the boat. Chafe gear fights external friction on our lines, but how do we combat internal heat build-up? Dock lines are particularly susceptible to overheating. If the boat is exposed to short-period chop from the side, the frequency can be high and the force can exceed the 10:1 safe working limit, and even with rain or spray to cool the rope there may be significant weakening due to internal friction.