Marine Sanitation: 8-Way Hose Test

Lab tests find one brand that far outlasts others.

Marine Sanitation:SeaLand Holding Tank Systems

SeaLand Technology of Big Prairie, Ohio is not a diversified company. Once part of Mansfield, the largest maker of home toilets, SeaLand was spun...

Marine Sanitation:Does Your Holding Tank Hold?

SeaLand makes the thickest-wall tank.

Marine Sanitation: Manual Heads – Raritan PH II A Best Buy

The bigger the joker valve, the less chance of clogging.

Low-draw LED Anchor Light

On the back page of the Fall 1999 Davis catalog are six new products—amber, red and white LED Clusters™ in either single- or double-contact...

Tiller Extensions: Forespars Cobra and Spinlocks E-series

We try fixed-length and telescoping hiking sticks from Forespar, RWO, Ronstan, Spinlock and Wichard.

PS Advisor 05/01/99

CQR AnchorIn your anchor tests in sand (January 1, 1999) you rated a 22-lb. Bruce against a 35-lb. CQR. Why not a 33-lb. Bruce,...

Overheating in Docklines and Rodes

With hurricane season hitting full stride, many of us are going over our rope inventory, making sure we have more than enough lines to secure the boat. Chafe gear fights external friction on our lines, but how do we combat internal heat build-up? Dock lines are particularly susceptible to overheating. If the boat is exposed to short-period chop from the side, the frequency can be high and the force can exceed the 10:1 safe working limit, and even with rain or spray to cool the rope there may be significant weakening due to internal friction.