Comprehensive Galley and On-board Cooking Guide 3: Galley Accessories


You probably spend a lot of time researching the latest marine electronics. And asking your fellow sailors about their experiences with bottom paint and teak treatment. And shopping for the best sails for your boat.

But when its time to outfit your galley, are you planning on quickly running through your chandlerys aisles, grabbing the shiniest pots and pans, the coolest looking coffee maker and the cheapest cooler?


Out on the water, miles from shore (and the closest supermarket and restaurant), you want to be sure you have the right gear and utensils in your galley. Avoid a mutiny and get yourself a copy of Practical Sailors ebook, Galley Accessories.

Filled with advice for the pans and cookers and cooking utensils you need, recommendations on the best coolers, the simplest yet tastiest ways to brew a cup of coffee and more.

Let Practical Sailor be your guide to easy cooking, tasty meals and satisfied stomachs. Download your copy of Galley Accessories now.

Save money and order the entire ebook series, The Comprehensive Galley and On-Board Cooking Guide Complete Series now! Youll get the three-volume series for the price of two! The series includes Galley Design and Systems; Ovens, Stoves and Grills; and Galley Accessories. Buy the complete series and you’ll get one volume FREE!

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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