Marine Fuel Additives


Only Practical Sailor puts in the time and effort to test and evaluate the fuel additives you’ll find on the store shelves and websites you shop. Only Practical Sailor challenges long-held product assumptions and questions marketing hype. Only Practical Sailor gives you the straight-up advice on the best ways to use these products.

Only Practical Sailor has the new ebook, Marine Fuel Additives to help you separate fact from fiction and keep your engine running smooth.

Introducing Marine Fuel Additives from Practical Sailor. In this special report Practical Sailor dives into the murky world of fuel additives that claim to refresh degraded and contaminated gasoline and diesel fuels. For more than 40 years, Practical Sailor tests have provided sailors with recommendations on the products that work best as well as named the products and brands that are not worth your money. Practical Sailor carries no advertising and is free to candidly report on the products, gear, equipment and boats on the market today.

Avoid surprises and keep your boats engine running smooth. Learn how to deal with the effects of off-season temperature swings. Discover the easy way to test for contamination. Keep your tanks free of corrosion. Get your copy of Marine Fuel Additives today!

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.