Painting Your Boat, Vol. 3: Restoring Your Boat’s Non-skid Deck


Do you need to fix or update your boat deck’s surface? How do you know which products look good and last the longest? What’s the best bang for your buck? What is easiest to apply? Easiest to clean?

Introducing Restoring Your Boat’s Non-skid Deck, a new ebook in Practical Sailor’s Painting Your Boat series. In Restoring Your Boat’s Non-skid Deck, you’ll read about our exhaustive paint tests and our advice for proper application. You’ll find out which products passed the test, as well as which ones to avoid. You’ll get advice on maintaining your deck, when to give your boat a bath, and how to prevent mold and mildew. You’ll also get Practical Sailor’s analysis of the traction testing of various paints available in today’s market.

Restoring Your Boat’s Non-skid Deck is filled with more than twenty years of data, observations, and experience, giving you all the information you need to maintain the grip on your boat’s non-skid deck.

You’ll learn:

  • The secret to durable non-skid starts with proper application.
  • Techniques to make paint more abrasion resistant and longer lasting.
  • How to successfully combat mold and mildew.
  • Which paint colors show less dirt and which paint colors to avoid in hot climates.
  • Whether textured additives are worth the investment.
  • Recommended deck maintenance.
  • And much more.

If you think your boat’s deck could use a little attention, you need to read Restoring Your Boat’s Non-skid Deck. We’re not skidding around, and neither should you.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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