Survival at Sea: Ditch Bags and Emergency Gear


As a sailor you know that being prepared for an emergency is vital. Your life raft comes with supplies, but are these sufficient? With Practical Sailors Ditch Bags and Emergency Gear, you’ll learn what your life raft might be lacking, and what you’ll need for a separate abandon-ship bag.

With this essential publication you’ll discover:

  • How to determine the correct supply of drinking water
  • Which is the only raft-kit to contain smoke canisters
  • What vital piece of equipment all standardized packs failed to include
  • Why an EPIRB is worth its weight in gold
  • Which important items are most often overlooked (e.g., copy of your passport)

Also included is a special section on staying hydrated at sea. Sure, you have plenty of water and energy drinks on board, but there’s something even more effective (and it grows on trees!)

So order your copy of this important publication today, and ensure that you are fully equipped for even the most serious emergencies.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.


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