Survival at Sea: Survival Electronics


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Lifelines, jacklines, tethers, non-skid decks, and good man-overboard procedures – these are a given for every good sailor, but that hasn’t stopped an alarming number of fatal man-overboard occurrences. Now, with Practical Sailors Survival Electronics, you’ll discover how to fully protect yourself and your crew.

With the wide array of man-overboard devices now available (beacons, alarms, trackers, etc.) its no wonder there’s confusion. Practical Sailor will help you cut through the clutter and tell you:

  • Which OB alarm had a MOB mark with a quarter-mile discrepancy!
  • Why a Sat Phone can be an excellent backup to an EPIRB
  • Which beacon is capable of being detected from a full-mile away
  • Its not only which OB alarm but how it’s worn

Maritime safety should always have the highest priority, and with the vast majority of alerts being false alarms (96%!) a solid working knowledge of how the IMOs worldwide rescue network works is essential.

So keep yourself and your crew as safe as possible, order your copy of this vital publication today!

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.


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