Survival at Sea: Onboard First Aid


Downloadable E-Book

An accident can happen anywhere, but when it happens on your boat your access to medical treatment often is not close by. With Practical Sailors Onboard First Aid, you’ll learn which items you need to keep on board for both minor and major injuries.

In this new publication, concise evaluations were conducted for both near-shore and off-shore kits, and the results were surprising. Many kits were missing essential elements (one day kit lacked basic aspirin!) and some were stocked with more than many sailors would need (one includes a full oxygen kit – but at a cost of almost $5,000!)

From contents to construction to price, all types are examined, and you’re sure to find the one kit that best suits your voyaging needs (and you’ll also learn about the one first aid item that is an absolute must!)

So order your copy of this essential publication today, and make sure you’re prepared for boating medical emergencies.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.


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