A Foolproof (and Simple) Way to Set Jib Leads

An excellent, surprisingly simple way to set jib leads is to use jib luff telltales as a guide. This technique applies to all types of headsails-genoas as well as working jibs.

Offshore Log: A Major Overhaul For A Faithful Perkins

Of all the work done on Calypso during its six-month hiatus in New Zealand, none was more important—and expensive—than rebuilding the diesel engine.

PS Advisor

Dutchman vs. Lazy JacksIm in the market for some kind of sail flaking system and need advice. Have you compared the lazy jack method...

Bomar Top Choice in Serious Offshore Hatches

As is widely known in this era when so many of us are buying and upgrading older boats, there's not much gear on a sailboat...

Sailboat Do-it-Yourself Rig Survey

Several subscribers who read my recent blog post regarding stainless steel corrosion, “Detecting and Dealing with Stainless Steel Corrosion” asked if we had any...