Marine Electrical Systems, Vol. 5: AC Systems


What’s the single most dangerous thing you can do with your boat?

Some say Pull into a dock and plugin.

Combine AC, shore-based current with some stray DC current and you have a dangerous mix. And, in a marina, the problem is often difficult to see, isolate and remedy.

In Practical Sailors ebook, AC Systems, you’ll read about the confusing and conflicting debate over the best ways to solve this problem as well as smart ways to bring AC power aboard. AC Systems is a part of Practical Sailor’s new ebook series, Marine Electrical Systems.

So what can you do to safely power your electronics and other modern conveniences? In AC Systems you’ll learn:

-The pros and cons of galvantic isolators and isolation transformers.
-Why shorepower cords are the most overlooked maintenance item on a boat.
-Are smart-plugs worth the price?
-Advice for shorepower in foreign ports.
-Which gen-set stood out in our tests.
-Why we liked all 5 portable gas generators we reviewed but for different reasons.

Bring AC power aboard safely. And find out how to identify and fix deadly dangers … before its too late.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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