Marine Electrical Systems, Vol. 2: System Installation


You cant always avoid lightning, power surges and hot marinas. But if you outfit your boat properly and install your systems correctly, you can survive them and minimize the damage.

In System Installation, Grounding and Lightning Protection from the ebook series Marine Electrical Systems, Practical Sailors editors walk you through proper way to ground your electrical systems and the equipment and methods which work best. And which are outdated.

In this must-read ebook, you’ll learn how to protect your sailboat from expensive and life-threatening conditions. Topics covered include:

-Clarifying contradictory grounding advice.
-Ways to design and install – as well as check an existing – lightning protection system.
-How different metals act and react to saltwater, current and each other.
-The truth about dissipators.
-A special section on wire and component care and maintenance.

Be sure you and your sailboat are properly protected from disaster . . . before its too late.

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*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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