Marine Electrical Systems, Vol. 3: Panels, Monitors, Charging


Your sailboat has more and more devices aboard drawing power. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an older boat or improve the base equipment in a newer boat, your choices for instrumentation panels, inverters, battery monitors and accessories are seemingly endless. And the installation and repair process extremely confusing.

To help you safely navigate the sea of options Practical Sailor is pleased to publish its new ebook series, Marine Electrical Systems. In this volume, Panels, Monitors, Charging, you’ll learn:

-The top choices in small accessory electrical panels.
-How to handle the demand your new home-like creature comforts are placing on your power systems.
-Which battery chargers and monitors are best.
-Why you may want to consider upgrading your alternator.
-Professional advice on how to locate and install these devices and equipment.

Making smart upgrade decisions now will immediately make your boat safer, reducing the risk of fire or electrocution. As well as help you finance and insure the boat.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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