Marine Electrical Systems, Vol. 4: Alternative Energy


For you, efficient power generation ranks right up there with an abundant supply of freshwater; without it, life is a real struggle. Today’s cruising boats are more energy-dependent than ever before. The adaptation of high-output alternators to marine use and the development of sophisticated, multi-stage regulation systems has gone a long way toward making energy-hungry conveniences possible. But what happens when the engine breaks down or the alternator fails? Or if you simply don’t want to run your engine? Will your life come to a screeching halt until repairs are made? Unless you have an alternative means of generating power, the answer may well be a resounding Yes!

Today, you have many more choices than ever. Different technologies, different performance, different esthetics – all at different prices.

To help you safely navigate the sea of options Practical Sailor is pleased to publish its new ebook series, Marine Electrical Systems. In this volume, Alternative Energy, you’ll learn:

-The pros and cons of both wind and solar power generation. And why you may want both!
-Why you need to consider more than just performance when looking at wind generators.
-Our solar panel choice if there’s a good chance it can be stepped on.
-The importance of solar panel regulators.
-How a $250 purchase can improve solar output by 30%.

Installing some alternative energy options on your boat is not only a cruising backup system but has the potential to save you money. Let Practical Sailor walk you through your options.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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