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Another runner has made it! It’s always nice to get an email or letter from an appreciative reader letting us know they’ve escaped the land of the dirt dwellers. The shot above is from John Stone’s single-handed passage from Beaufort, North Carolina to St. John, USVI this fall aboard his refit Cape Dory 36 Far Reach. The solo passage saw quite a bit of wind.


Some details:

-Total distance: 1,466 miles sailed

-Time: 12 days 6 hours

-Reefs : At least of 16 times

-Sail changes: 19

-Tacks: 4

-Fuel used: 6 gallons

-Water used: 20 gallons

-Ships sighted: 8

Here is a blog post covering Far Reach’s passage from Beaufort, to St. John.

The special thing about John’s refit is how well he documented the six-year process of gutting and completely rebuilding the 36-foot Cape Dory in a temporary shed adjacent to his North Carolina home. His older website offers an impressive look at what a truly complete refit entails.

Another noteworthy bit about Far Reach’s refit is that John adhered to the principles that we’ve emphasized over the years—focus on the essentials, keep things simple.

John is a longtime subscriber to Practical Sailor, and what I’d call a “power user,” someone who has managed to master our less-than-perfect, but truly vast and incomparable archive of product tests.

“Anytime I’m going to do something on the boat, I check the archive and see what you all have done,” he told me over the phone a few months before his departure. “I don’t always follow your recommendation, but it always informs my own decisions, and I really appreciate this resource.”

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