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Tips on Painting Your Peeling Mast

Chips and scrapes in a carefully painted mast start out as a cosmetic issue. But as moisture intrudes and corrosion takes over the paint blisters and hard metal becomes powdery aluminum oxide. Left unattended, especially in damp, salty areas, such as in the bilge or underneath mast hardware, this corrosion process can destroy metal and […]

Mailport: February 2021

Mast paint What is the best way to repair the blisters on my painted aluminum mast? Blisters occur near pop rivets or other attachments to mast. Thanks for any help. Tim Nordhaus Whoodogi, Pacific Seacraft 40 Gloucester Point, VA Paint failure near hardware attachments can often be traced to galvanic corrosion caused by the reaction […]

Updating Your Boat’s Medical Kits

Evolving medical practice, newer treatment options and changes in availability of supplies made us think we should look once more at medical kits for sailors.

Mailport: January 2021

Mustang Coveralls With regard to your recently re-posted report “Cold Water Survival” (see Practical Sailor, March 2019), I bought a Mustang Anti-Exposure Coverall many years ago. I have worn it when sailing and fishing on Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the Niagara River, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.  I wear it when the […]

Staying Safe While Working Underwater

Say the prop suddenly begins vibrating. First you checked the shaft coupling; they’ve been known to work loose, allowing the shaft to come clean out and leaving a good sized hole in the boat. The shaft appears straight and you didn’t feel an impact. Remote inspection reveals a rope around the prop, and you know […]

Mailport: December 2020

Roller Furling My name’s Gabriel, I’m American-Italian and I live in Rome. My boat is a Classis 35 Lady Laura built in 1982 by Classis, a shipyard had started working in the 1960s. The Lady Laura designs were relatively successful, but following the Italian economic crisis of the early 1980s they shut production down in […]

Safety Tips for Small Propane Bottles

We’ve reported on the need for proper propane installation, including vented lockers and leak detectors (“Some Propane Dos and Don’ts,” PS February 2014), but we’ve not taken a close look at small bottles. All it takes is about two ounces on the average size boat to cause an explosion, so these bottles deserve careful attention. […]

Mailport: November 2020

Shredding old Classics Ralph Naranjo broke my heart with his reference to the 31-foot Tripp Seafarer being sent off to the chipper (see PS October 2020).  This has been my 53rd season sailing that boat’s cousin, a 1961 Seafarer Polaris by Tripp, also built in the Netherlands. Something is wrong with the world when functional […]

Beat Boatyard Heat with Personal AC

I first came across ice vests in industry, where I wore them under sandblasting protective suits, inside hot oil tanks, and in certain hot areas of the plant. I’ve used them at home working in the attic in the summer, where coveralls are worn to keep the fiberglass out, but also trap the heat in. […]

Mailport: Water Transportation

Folding Kayak I urge you to consider the Oru folding kayaks in your next Kayak Update. They’re more expensive than the inflatables you reviewed, but a great option for those of us with smaller boats. Mine, Turtleheart, is an Island Packet 27, with no extra deck space for storage. The Orus are easy to assemble […]

Doing ‘The Ditch’ Capt. Frank’s Way

Be aware that a less-experienced sailors report of a great anchorage with plenty of depth, or statements like We ran aground here! don't do you much good if they fail to include basic info such as their boat's draft, state of the tide, etc. Other sailors' facility reviews should also be taken with a grain of salt. For example: The dockmaster hates Algerian Snaggle-tooth Poodles (like our Fluffy), so were never coming back, and you shouldnt either!