Practical Sailor 2016 Index


Amenities & Apparel

Portable boarding steps
Velcro test
Toilet paper test
Boat hooks test

Anchoring and Mooring

Snubber sizing
Mantus anchor swivel
Anchor chain hooks
Chain-gripping hitches
G-80 chain test
Dockside storm prep
Tandem Anchoring Pt1
Dockline Donts
Tandem Anchoring Pt2
Anchor shackles

Boat Reviews

Allied Seawind II
Islander 36
C&C 27
Hunter 30
Stiletto 27


“Tipping Point” (Poyer)
“McGlue” (Moshfegh)
“The Assassin’s Honor”

“Hidden Warships” (Veronico)
“Voices in the Ocean” (Casey)
“The Weather Experiment”

“One Wild Song” (Heiney)
“Sea Fever” (Jefferson)
“Voyaging with Kids”
(Gifford, Johnson, Robertson)

“Rust” (Waldman)
“The Rocks” (Nichols)
“Make Westing” (London)
“Maritime Casualties”

“A Genius at his Trade” (Grayson)
“A Woman’s Guide to the Sailing Lifestyle”

“Noble Chase” (Rudolph)
“Bound for Distant Seas”

“In the Wake of Heroes” (Cunliffe)
“A Swim” (Fulweiler)
“Before the Wind” (Lynch)
“So Close to Home” (Tougias)


West Marine Oil Changer
Davis MiniShockles
Ocean Rodeo Soul update
Outland Hatch Covers
Garmin GPS 78SC
Ronstan fid kit
Bellroy Elements wallet
EcoVessel Boss
Eagle Creek bags
Motorola Talkabou MS350R
Spinlock Lume-On
Shakespeare JF-3
ShipShape Pro app
Sunday Afternoons kids hats
Coolibar kids swim apparel
KEEN kids Newport H2
EcoVessel kids water bottles
Salus Bijoux infant PFD
Mustand L’il Legeneds kids PFD
Nautix InView
Nemo Helio shower
Good-toGo meals
Calypso Cups 4.0
Spinlock Essentials packs
RBG Saluting Cannon
HotLogic portable oven
Mustang EP Ocean Racing Series
Garmin quatix3
Esa Watch
Columbia Titan Peak pants
Columbia Bugaboo jacket
Gill Thermogrid vest


Cuba cruising resources
Cruising resources update


Traveller lines
Sewn splices update

Deck Gear

Winch Test Pt1
Winch Test Pt2


Salted nonskid
Deck lights
Furling line install
DIY dust collector
Tips on re-wiring
Pot skirt


Simrad ForwardScan
Electro-magnetic sensors
Coastal Marine Wi-FI


Retained-heat cooking


Trailer repairs
Clear vinyl protectants
Zinc anodes
Bottom paint test update
DIY teak cleaners
Hose removal tool
Bolting fiberglass
Fairing Compounds
Keel fairing
Backing plate sizing
Fiberglass mold release agents
Winch grease

PS Advisor

Streaming VHF to hearing aids
DIY water-lift muffler
Cleaning mildew off sails
Applying dielectric grease
Diesel storage additives
Liferaft testing
Troubleshooting batteries
Sound-dampening a diesel
Floating dock storm prep
Painting spars

Sails and Rigging

Mechanical terminals

Safety and Seamanship

MOB lights
High lifelines
Drogues test

Special Reports

Boat design
Faux teak test update
Long-term test updates
Chart accuracy
Keel failures
Editor’s Choice 2016


Charger/inverter for 50 Hz
Group 31 batteries and sulfation
Water treatments and tank sanitizers
Water filters
AGM battery test update
Diesel additives for storage


Outboard options
Battery monitors

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